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TS Tech Philosophy

The 3 Components of Our Philosophy

TS Tech’s philosophy is made up of the following three components:

Vision Statement

  • A company dedicated to realizing people’s potential
  • A company sincerely appreciated by all

Mission Statement

We shall provide comfortable, high-quality products at competitive prices to our customers worldwide, always pursuing the infinite possibilities in manufacturing.

Operational Directives

  • We should make our workplace a vibrant one, valuing consensus and communication.
  • Work should be done in accordance with the circumstances, with importance placed on time and priorities.
  • We must always challenge ourselves to create new value by leveraging our passion and know-how.
  • Each of us should always persevere to make our individual vision a reality.

Environmental Policy

With respect for the global environment and a sustainable, recycle-oriented society, we strive to be an environmentally friendly company by making unlimited progress towards the protection of all life from pollution and conduct our manufacturing operations according to laws and regulations.

Equal Employment Opportunity

As an equal employment opportunity employer, TS Tech provides employment opportunities based on individuals’ qualifications and abilities without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, disability, national origin, sexual orientation, military/veteran status, genetic information, citizenship, or any other characteristic or status protected by federal, state, or local laws. TS Tech also prohibits retaliation against anyone who exercises any rights under such laws. This policy applies to decisions regarding all aspects of the employment relationship, including but not limited to recruitment, hiring, compensation, promotion, transfer, discipline, layoff and recall, training, and separation of employment.

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