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Supplier Sustainability Guidelines

The TS Tech Group promotes communication with its suppliers by always maintaining venues for sharing information regarding purchasing strategies and initiatives. We hold an annual conference with major suppliers to explain our purchasing directives for the year and to exchange information.

The TS Tech Supplier Sustainability Guidelines (July, 2021) is intended to to share and promote our views on sustainability with our suppliers. We ask all suppliers to comply with those guidelines, which outline requirements in the following five categories:
  1. Safety and Quality
  2. Human Rights and Labor
  3. The Environment
  4. Compliance
  5. Information Disclosure
In addition, we select particularly important suppliers using factors such as production reliability. We review the status of these suppliers’ risk countermeasures and initiatives relating to the TS Tech Supplier Sustainability Guidelines and engage in joint initiatives with them to enhance the value of both TS Tech and those suppliers.

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